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What's Biting

WAHOO from  October - June
Nick named the Torpedo for it's shape and stelth. It loves the cold waters and has teeth sharp as a razor.
So when your hooked up you don't want any slack in your line!
Mahi-Mahi Mainly year round
Known as Dolphin it shows a multitude of brilliant colors when first caught. Remember to get out of the way when they are pulled on board they like to jump around!
Tuna from May - August
Hold on casue your in for a ride. One of the best
eating for fresh Sushi so bring your soy, ginger
and wasabi with you!


Blue Marlin from April - August
It's the Bahamas National Fish. Want to get your
adrenlin pumpin then hook into one of these but
make sure you bring your muscles with you. They
are truley Awesome!
Deep Drop All year round
Snappers, groupers and tile fish are mainly caught
in 400-1,600 feet of water on electric reels. Some times 4-5 at time, especially on the full moon.
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